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Creating Spirits

Many Worlds quantum theory suggests there are an infinite number of possible universes but does not rule out the possibility that some universes can communicate with each other and that our universe can communicate with others. There is also the possibility that our universe is full of normally undetectable sentient beings, the ones of interest being those normally regarded as “paraphysical” and may be called Terrestrial Aliens or TAs for short (“spirits” carries too much baggage).

Skeptics, even those who are aware of Many Worlds Theory, dismiss any evidence for alternative universes or normally inaccessible realms of existence in our universe as fraud or self deception - not always without reason. Unfortunately many skeptics seem to be driven by a desire to disbelieve as strong as the desire of believers to believe.

The totality of the evidence suggests either that TAs exist or that the unconscious mind can exercise psychic powers vastly greater than those observed either in the laboratory or in daily life.

Here I want to look very briefly at some evidence that TAs can be created, and that once created they can take a life of their own, I then try to classify createdTAs and speculate on why the TA world bothers with us

Theory and Experiment

Reports of created TAs are found throughout the world. In Magic and Mystery in Tibet Alexandra David Neel describes her experiment in creating a thought form and in Magical Use of Thought forms Ashcroft-Nowicki describes the process of creating a Yidam or deity and notes the Tibetan belief that even the most powerful deities are creations of the human mind. Or, as is popularly said, “Man created God in his own image”

From Toronto comes the creation of Philip of Diddington, an imaginary character created by the Toronto Society of Psychical Research, and their later creation of a second character called Lilith.

In all cases a being seems to have been created and then developed an independent life of its own. Apparently a few of these, including Alexandra David Neel's creation were able to manifest independently of their creators.

Redfern (Paranormal Magazine 30 December 2008) notes creation of TAs was discussed by Helen Blavatsky and discussed in a 1901 book Thought Forms by Besant and Leadbetter that notes that the matter of the Astral plane is very susceptible to the influence of human thought. Ashcroft-Nowicki and Brennan (Magical Use of Thought Forms) say the Astral plane is an old term for the world of the imagination, and of course the world of the imagination can be moulded by the imagination.

It seems likely that this world of the imagination overlaps the world where Jungian Archetypes live and also ( this is speculation, at this point) the world where the TAs that Shamans contact live: Rabbit, Raven, Eagle, Monkey and so forth. In fact Rabbit, Raven and their like seem like unrecognised Jungian Archetypes.

Classifying Created TEs
The Old Testament says JHWH created the universe and humanity but not WHY. Moreover the author knows of no creation myth that says WHY we were created. The possibility humans create TAs is a possible answer to this question and to the question “Why do they bother with us?”, for if we can create TAs then TAs have an incentive to deal with us. Again this is speculation and may not be the the answer or only be part of the answer.

We can classify TAs along various dimensions, one of which is the degree of reality they possess. At one end are beings, very like psychological complexes, that live in a single human mind but are not controlled by their host. Multiple Personality Disorder may involve beings of this type. Further along the scale are beings that live in the common imagination of humanity, a sort of pool of consciousness to which all humans have access. Jung's archetypes may be examples .

Then there are creature like Philip and Lilith with a life of their own and a limited ability to manifest in this universe. Next come creatures like David-Neel's Tulpa which was seen by people who did not previously know it existed or the alleged guardians of ancient sites. And then there are poltergeists who have strong powers of manifestation. It is even possible there are some TEs that can manifest in the world so strongly that they pass for normal humans. At the high end of this spectrum would be deities and demons for whom this world might be as unreal as a dream. In Terry Pratchett's book Mort, Death's apprentice Mort becomes so real he can walk through solid matter: just because we are real it does not follow that we are the most real things in the multiverse.

Another axis is the degree to which the TA was deliberately created. Some poltergeists may be unconsciously created TAs, but sometimes groups of low order TEs may use the psychic energy of a dysfunctional family or original to create psychic phenomena.

A TA may have many attributes and two important ones are their power and their attitude to Humanity. Some will like us and some hate us. There will be a most powerful one that hates us and a most powerful one that likes us. If you are a Christian you can if you wish identify these with God and Satan but it is unlikely they are anything like the beings the Bible describes. The TA we create may be benign or malevolent and which it is is largely beyond conscious control. If you hate yourself any TA you create may well hate you. Especially if you try to destroy it

The Wrap

To summarise there is evidence TAs can be created, once created can take on a life of their own and can influence our world to varying degrees. The ability to create TAs may be the reason the TAs bother with humanity. The nature of a createdTA seems to be controlled by the intent, as in the case of Philip and Lilith, and influences from the creator's unconscious or the collective action of groups of people, such as co-religionists. We have to remember our creations may have wills of our own and bear in mind the Science Fiction story of the super computer that was asked “Is there a God” and replies “Yes there is........ Now” at which point a bolt of lightning melts the off switch.

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